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Two Factor Authentication(TFA) - Recovery Methods

Two Factor Authentication - Recovery Methods

Don’t Get Locked Out When Using Two-Factor Authentication: Recovery Methods to Set Up

Now, there's an extra layer of security is available in Zoho, Two Factor Authentication, that uses your mobile phone to protect your Zoho Account. This uses uniquely generated verification code for your account, which will be sent to your phone via SMS text, voice call or using Google Authenticator mobile app, along with your password. 

But what happens if you lose or reset your phone and can’t generate or receive the verification codes? Follow these steps to ensure you don’t end up locked out of your Zoho Account.

1. Secure Your Backup Codes

Make sure to download and save the 'one-time-use' backup codes of your account when you enable two-factor authentication. You should print these out and keep them some place secure. If you run out of codes, you can ask to generate some more. You can download backup codes from Zoho Accounts two-factor authentication page. Learn more about backup verification code.

2. Add Backup Number

Backup phone numbers are used to send verification codes in case your primary phone is unavailable or lost during Sign-In process. So, we request you to add you home or landline phone number as backup number for your account. Learn more about backup phone number.

3. Use Google Authenticator App

If you have problem in receiving the verification codes using SMS text or voice call, because of poor network coverage in your area or you are the one travelling frequently and can't reply on the network provider, then we recommend you to configure and use 'Google Authenticator' mobile app in your smart phone to generate verification code, which doesn't require any network connectivity. Learn more about to setup Google Authenticator.

4. Trusted Browsers

If you have trusted any browser, when you submit verification code during your Sign-In process, then TFA verification code won't be asked next 30 days, when you Sign-in from the same of browser of your computer. You can use this browser to reset or disable your account's TFA, if you have lost access to your phone. Learn more about trusted browsers.

p.s : If Two Factor Authentication for your account is enforced by your Zoho Business organization administrator, then you can contact your organization administrator to reset TFA for your account.

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