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This page will answer most of the frequently asked questions that new users have when they sign up with Zoho. Newbies interested in registering with Zoho can do so by either visiting a specific Zoho service sign in page - say Zoho Writer (http://writer.zoho.com/) or by directly going to the Zoho (Sign Up) page. Once the users are directed to any of these pages, they have to click the "Sign Up" link and proceed by entering the sign in details required to set up an account with Zoho.

A typical Zoho sign-up page will look like the one below. Users need to provide username, email address, password to set up an account with Zoho.

Please refer to the list of sign up FAQs as mentioned below:

  1. How do I change the 'username' of the registered Zoho account?
  2. How do I close my Zoho account?

Zoho Sign Up/Sign In using Google/Yahoo! IDs

As a first step towards opening up our services to the external world, users can now access Zoho using their Google/Yahoo! credentials. For accessing Zoho services users can visit Zoho main page - http://zoho.com/index.html, and enter their Google or Yahoo! account details by clicking on the appropriate link present in the "Sign In" box at the top right corner. 

Please refer to the list of Google/Yahoo! sign up FAQs as mentioned below:

  1. Can I access Zoho services using Google Apps account?
  2. How can I remove my openId Mapping?
  3. I got "Oops! We are confused" error during SignIn. How can I resolve?


1. Is it secure to access Zoho services using Google/Yahoo! sign-in credentials?

Yes, its a secure sign-in. Also, users need not worry about security when accessing Zoho services using their Google / Yahoo! sign-in credentials.

2. Is my Google/Yahoo! password stored in Zoho?

No. Zoho does not have access to users' Google / Yahoo! password. We only store your respective email addresses for the purpose of identification. 

3. Why do I need to choose a Zoho username when signing in with Google/Yahoo! credentials?

Users are required to choose a Zoho username as a one-time operation when accessing our services for the first time using Google/Yahoo! credentials. Username is also needed by Zoho for providing @zoho.com email addresses.

4. I already have a Zoho account with my existing Google/Yahoo! email address. How will the Google/Yahoo! signing work in this scenario?

Users who have already set up an account with us using their Google/Yahoo! email address will be directly logged in to Zoho after entering their login credentials in the main Zoho sign in box. In case you are accessing Zoho by clicking the Google/Yahoo! ID links at the bottom of the sign in box, you will be redirected to Google/ Yahoo! for authentication.

5. If I log out from Zoho, will my Google/Yahoo! sessions also expire?

No. You need to explicitly 'Sign out' from your Google/ Yahoo! accounts also.

6. Is there a way to import my Google/Yahoo! contacts to Zoho?

Yes. Users who wish to upload their Google/Yahoo! contacts to Zoho can do so by following the steps as mentioned below:
  • Click on My Account link present at the top right corner from any of the existing Zoho Services that you are in. 
  • Once you are directed to your accounts page, click on "Contacts" present in the left-side panel 
  • Your existing contacts will be listed with an "Import" button above it. Click on the import button to have your contacts uploaded to Zoho.
NOTE : In case you are already logged in to your Google account, the contacts will be automatically fetched into Zoho. However, for Yahoo, you need to authenticate yourself by giving the email-id and password. Please be informed that the password is never stored in Zoho sessions/database.

7. Are my contacts automatically synced with Google/Yahoo! contacts?

No. You need to explicitly click the "Import" button in order to sync your contacts with Google/Yahoo! account.

8. How do I link my existing Zoho account to Google/ Google Apps/ Yahoo! account?

If you wish to link your existing Zoho account with your Google/ Google Apps/ Yahoo! account, please do the following steps as mentioned below:
  • Log on to your Zoho account at: https://accounts.zoho.com/, click on the 'Profile' tab and 'Email Address' link present on the left-hand panel.
  • Your primary email address will be displayed along with the "Add New Email" button. 
  • Click on the "Add New" button, enter your Google/ Google Apps / Yahoo! email address & your current Zoho password. 

     In case you do not have a Zoho password for your account, you can create one by directly browsing to  https://accounts.zoho.com/password
     and submitting your "Email Address" registered with Zoho. This will send you a email with password reset link, follow the instruction in the mail to set the Zoho account's password.

  • Once done, your Google/ Google Apps/ Yahoo! email id will be added as a secondary email address to your Zoho account. Henceforth you can directly login to your existing Zoho account using Google/ Google Apps/ Yahoo! Sign In.

Please refer to the image below for details.


9. Can I access Zoho services using Google Apps account?

Yes it is possible to sign in to Zoho services using Google Apps(hosted) accounts. Google now supports OpenID authentication  for Google Apps(hosted) accounts also. For details please refer ,


10. How can I remove my openId Mapping?

  • To Remove openID mapping :
    • Log on to your Zoho account at: https://accounts.zoho.com/, click on the 'Settings' tab >> 'Linked Accounts' link and then on 'Remove OpenID Mapping' button
    • Your OpenId mapping will be removed.

    Please refer to the images below for details:


11. I got "Oops! We are confused" error during SignIn. How can I resolve?


The above issue occurs when the system finds that your Google Email address has been changed and there are two different Zoho accounts exist with your previous email address(say jack@zohoaccounts.com) and current email ID(say jack.russell@zohoaccounts.com). 

Please go through the various solutions to overcome this problem.

Solution #1: Close one of your Zoho Accounts and login to Zoho with the other Email address via Google Apps.

Solution #2: If you want to continue with the Zoho account (jack@zohoaccounts.com), then change the primary email ID for jack.russell@zohoaccounts.com to any of your personal email ID. Remove the email ID jack.russell@zohoaccounts.com. Read more about changing email ID.

Solution #3: If you want to continue with the Zoho account (jack.russell@zohoaccounts.com ), then remove the OpenID mapping for jack@zohoaccounts.com. Read more about removing the OpenID mapping.

To Login to your account Reset your password.

Note: The Google Federated Login Service is disabled by default for Google Apps Premier and Education Editions. The domain admin can enable it from the Control Panel at http://www.google.com/a/cpanel/<your-domain>/SetupIdp


1. What is Username?

The username identifies a unique user of Zoho. It can be your name or any combination of letters & numbers that you wish to have provided that the name has not been taken by someone else already registered with Zoho. In that case you will get an exception "Username already exists" and will be asked to provide another unique username.

2. What is Email address?

Email address identifies a location that is used to send and receive mail. New users registering with Zoho need to enter their email address, as a confirmation mail along with a link is sent to this particular address which the user is supposed to click within 7 days to confirm an account with us. Also remember that all communications on sharing of documents/sheets/presentations, notifications of reminders in case of Zoho Planner and all other service specific alerts will be mailed to the email address that you specify at the time of setting up an account with Zoho.

3. What is Image Text?

The 'image text' (also called CAPTCHA) is a series of random letters & numbers that are displayed in an image. As part of the registration process users are asked to key in the text present in the image. We do this to ensure that only genuine users are signing up for our service and thus prevent automated programs/spammers from repeatedly signing up. Please refer to the image below for details. The 'Image Text' field is filled up with the set of characters/numbers to the right and shown with borders around it.

4. I have successfully set up an account with Zoho but did not receive the confirmation mail. How do I resend it again to my Email Address ?

There may be some instances when the confirmation mail that we send as part of the registration process is not received by the new user to their Email address with which they registered with Zoho. The reason could either be attributed to the users providing "incorrect email address" when signing up or the mail being filtered as spam/finding their way to the bulk folder. If the email address is not confirmed it will be enclosed in a pink band along with the resend confirmation button next to it. To resend the confirmation mail again please do the following steps as mentioned below:

  • Log on to your Zoho account at: https://accounts.zoho.com/ and click on the 'Profile' tab >> 'Email Address' link present on the left panel. See whether you have given your correct email address without any spell error. If the email address is incorrect, please click on the "Edit" link to the right of it, enter the correct email address, your current password in the text box that shows up and press "Update" button.
  • In case the email address is correct, simply click on the 'Resend Confirmation Mail' button next to it and click "Send Mail", you will get the message in a band conveying that the confirmation mail has been sent successfully. Refer to the images below for details

Edit/Change email address

  • Log on to your Zoho account at: https://accounts.zoho.com/ and click on the 'Profile' tab >> 'Email Address' link present on the left panel >>  click on the "Edit" link to the right
  • Enter Your new Email Address and Password in the test box that shows up and press "Update" button.
  • A mail will be sent to new mail address click on confirm link.
  • If you didn't receive mail, click on the 'Resend Confirmation Mail' button to receive the confirmation mail again to your new email address.



Resend Confirmation Mail

Add a new email address
  • In case you wish to retain the existing email address and wish to add a new one, please do the following steps:
    • Log on to your Zoho account at: https://accounts.zoho.com/, click on the 'Profile' tab >> 'Email Address' link and then on 'Add New Email' button
    • Enter a new email address in the text box and click "Add". It will get added as your secondary email address
    • Click on the 'Make Primary' text link of this new address. Enter your account password and hit the 'Make Primary' button
    • The new email address you gave will get added as the primary address. Now click on the 'Resend Confirmation Mail' button to receive the confirmation mail again to your new email address.

    Please refer to the images below for details:

Set the new email address as primary

Click on "Resend Confirmation Email"

5. I get an "Invalid Confirmation !" message when clicking on the confirmation URL that was sent to my email address . What's wrong?

New users signing up for Zoho Services have to click on the confirmation link within 7 days of receiving the email from us. If for some reason users click on the confirmation link after 7 days they get an "Invalid Confirmation!" message. In that case users can confirm their account again by resending the confirmation link to their email address with which they had set up an account with Zoho.

6. I can't sign in to Zoho account even after entering details. What am I doing wrong?

If you are not able to sign in to the Zoho account, the most probable reasons are:

  • Either the Zoho account ID (user name or email address) is incorrect.
  • Or you have keyed in an incorrect password (remember, the password is case-sensitive).
  • Please check if your Caps Lock button (On/Off) in the keyboard before typing in your password.

Other reasons include:

  • Javascript/cookies not turned on in your browser
  • Not supported browser/OS version (All Zoho applications work well on Firefox 1.5, 2.x, 3.x and Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8)

7. I have lost/forgotten my password for Zoho account. How do I reset it ?

In case you have lost/forgotten your password, use the "Forgot Password?" link available at any of the Zoho services login page (ex: http://writer.zoho.com/), enter your "Email Address" with which you had set up an account with Zoho, the "image text" that appears on the form and press the "Request" button. You will be getting a mail with a HTML link clicking on which you can choose a new password for your Zoho account. Please refer to the image below for details:

8. I wish to change my password for Zoho account. How do I go about it ?

Users can change their password for Zoho account by doing the following steps:

  • Browse to the Zoho accounts page by clicking on the following URL : https://accounts.zoho.com/
  • Enter your Zoho accounts page by providing proper login credentials (username/password). 
  • Alternately you can click on "My Account" link present at the top right of any of the Zoho services to access your Zoho account.
  • Click on the 'Profile' tab > "Change Password" link to change your password

9. I have already signed up with Zoho Writer. Do I need to sign up for other Zoho services separately ?

With Single Sign-on (SSO) feature already implemented, all the existing users and new users registering with Zoho can access the following Zoho services - Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Show, Zoho CRM, Zoho Planner, Zoho Creator, Zoho Notebook, Zoho Meeting, Zoho Projects, Zoho Wiki, Zoho DB & Reports and Zoho Chat - with a single user name (or email address) and password. 

10. How do I change the 'username' of the registered Zoho account ?

'Username' of a registered Zoho Account cannot be changed. If you require a Zoho account with a desired username, you need to register a new account only.
11. How do I close my Zoho account?

There are two types of account in Zoho - Personal and Business. Here's how you can go about deleting them in Zoho:

Personal Account:

For deleting personal account in Zoho please do the following steps as mentioned below:
  • Login to your Zoho account at: https://accounts.zoho.com/ with username & password, and click on the 'Close Account' link present at the bottom of left-side panel.
  • Once you click on the "Close Account" link, you will be asked to enter the password again along with the reasons for switch.
  • Enter password, select reasons for switch and then click "Close Account" link to permanently delete your zoho account.
Note : Please be cautioned that once you delete an account, all the information/data associated with your account and Zoho services will be lost.

Please refer to the image below for details:

Delete Personal Account

Business Account :

Zoho Business is an integrated platform containing business centric applications ranging from communication, collaboration and office productivity to customer relationship management, project management and live meeting/web conference. Zoho Business being an application specifically designed for organizations, signing up and creating a single account is sufficient for whole organization. Once an account is created for the organization, the administrator (the user who signed up and created an account in Zoho Business) can add other organization members in Zoho Business as users. The administrator also has the privilege to disable or remove a certain user from business account in case he leaves the organization. 

Zoho Business provides a control panel feature for administrator of an organization using which he can manage users, groups and domains. For deleting a user from an organization please do the following steps:
  • Login as an administrator at: http://business.zoho.com and click on "Control Panel" at the top right.
  • The control panel will list data related to organization, user management, domains and organization groups on the left-side panel.
  • Clicking on "User(s)" link, present in the left-side panel under "Control Panel", will list all the users in the organization along with their status as active/inactive.
  • To delete a particular user, select the check box to the left and click on "X" image under "Action" heading to remove him permanently from the organization.

Please refer to the attached images for details :

Click Control Panel 

Click Control Panel

Organization's User List

Organization's User List

NOTE : In case you still face any issues in signing up or accessing your Zoho account, do write to us at support@zohoaccounts.com

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I can send emails but I do not reach the mailbox entry.
agrowebsur 427 - days ago 
Puedo enviar correos electrónicos pero no me llegan al buzón de entrada.
un1404655886565r84id 420 - days ago 
how can I change my zoho email address ?
não estou conseguindo acessar minha conta, diz que ela não existe
quercus.consultores 406 - days ago 
Hola, no me llegan os correos al buzon de entrada que esta pasando?
Daorung Phonjanngam 402 - days ago 
halo I want to work with you
NewSignee (Guest) 397 - days ago 
I wanted a new email provider with a new email address. Whay is the point of signing up with Zoho if I have to use an existing email account?? This is ludicrous!! If I wanted to use my personal email for business I would be doing it already. I needed a new business account not a business edition to Google!! This is nothing more than an enhanced Google email account!! Deleting account!!
Audrey Gros 396 - days ago 
how can I create another email address using my domain name?
bison_66 396 - days ago 
yep pointless
manuelwithintegrity 389 - days ago 
A ex partner of mine is using my account and want it deleted. What do I do
smithb25@gmail.com+(Guest) 387 - days ago 
Hi Dear, are you in fact visiting this website daily, if so then you will definitely take fastidious knowledge. dkkafddgdededffc
stsolutionsglobal 366 - days ago 
Hi friends I have created one zoho account.while iam excuting that chat it is showing the username and mailid..In this case i wanted to give option to client he has provide his details.
How can i resolve mY problme...
Sylvie Carter 364 - days ago 
How can I sync my google calendar with my zoho calendar?
rsullivan 362 - days ago 
I am a teacher.
I do not want my students to sign in with an email account (there are currently legal reasons for NOT using student emails).
Can I substitute User names and passwords?
Andrew Lawson 358 - days ago 
i want to add another user to my account but cant see how I do this
Rajendra Pal 353 - days ago 
I am using webmail mail@pal4articles.com. I am unable to receive emails. Just able to send them. Please help me out. Contact me through raj@fanciedmedia.in.
Kristina Gonzalez 342 - days ago 
Is there a way to get email notifications when I receive a new survey report? How can I set this up?
Kimberly Alleyne 329 - days ago 
Where do I get the ZB code needed to set up the CNAME on Wordpress?
Diplomata Consultores 325 - days ago 
Please help me. I would like to change the credit card information of my account on file. Where do I make this change on Zoho Invoice?
Niamh O'Driscoll 319 - days ago 
how do I change my own personal phone number please on Zoho and my Job Title. Thanks
Doug Gellert 301 - days ago 
Well, yes I am yet another user here on the this forum trying to see where to change my credit card information. Could Zoho please tell me where on the site I can do this?
info 293 - days ago 
Hi, how can i change the PayPal account in my Zoho?
rot2050 292 - days ago 
Sarah Andrusiak 285 - days ago 
i saved a document on zoho and now it is saying the document does not exist help
handsvoices 285 - days ago 
How do I access the billing info for my account, and why is it so hidden?
Mahesh Reddy 281 - days ago 

i created the site... i want to know how long will it take for you to verify and the site to go active?

Will i be informed through mail about my site going online??

Please clarify this as i am stuck??

Should i pay anything for the domain name? Or is it free??
Guest 281 - days ago 
Zoho mail, send an e-mail of confirmation to my e-mail that a can't open... is like a vicious circle...what can I do pleas helpp
SALMA MANZO 276 - days ago 
denme de baja...gracias
vchen 269 - days ago 

How can I creat a survey? can you please give me guidance.

Jeffrey M Josanne 247 - days ago 
i cannot resend the token to publish
Onyx Sunray 239 - days ago 
I have asked repeatedly for my account to be deleted. Now, DELETE IT! My email is onyxwiccanchurch@aol.com.
Teresa Brennan 235 - days ago 
Is there an easy way to delete all records (i.e. I want to start with a new set of leads and delete everything that's in my existing leeads database) without having to go through and check each individual lead? thanks
Kari Comrov 234 - days ago 
How do I edit my signature?
Chairman Saab 234 - days ago 
i cannot resend token to publish my website, help! Resend token button is broken.
ROHIT KUMAWAT 232 - days ago 
i unable to get by unique for my website plz help its my user id rohitkumawatk@gmail.com
ROHIT KUMAWAT 232 - days ago 
i unable to get by unique code for my website plz help its my user id rohitkumawatk@gmail.com
dvelrti-heuer 215 - days ago 
What does this mean ? "This CRM account is already used in some other org."
abbey (Guest) 203 - days ago 
Each time I log in to my zoho account it keeps saying a Disabled Account... pls this is urgent as it keeps affecting my required productivity...
nicholasogb1990 198 - days ago 
do you still offer custom email? i tried it but keep getting an error message saying account not active
SEIRIM.com Shanghai 189 - days ago 
Where to change credit card details? Why do you guys make this so hard when with most services it is so easy?
Rob Daubin 180 - days ago 
Hello -- I'm trying to setup an account but I'm not receiving the confirmation email. I've checked my spam filter, firewall, and tested with other emails. I've also resent a number or times.
Gokul Yel 159 - days ago 
How can i change my domain name ?
Bogdan Grigorescu 150 - days ago 
Is there away to export all the data before I close my account?
Thank you!
Guest 150 - days ago 
I have got a message that your premium account will be expired in 14 days. what if i want to use free account. ?
Germán Herreiz 149 - days ago 
I dont have the option "resend confirmation mail".
Brandon deSpain 144 - days ago 
Hello, How do I change my settings so that my actual name is displayed on the invoice? Thank you, Brandon
Não consigo entrar na minha conta. entro com e-mail e login mas diz que enviou e-mail de confirmação no recem criado e-mail do zoho mais não tenho acesso a ele para ver a confirmação. como faço
husain 131 - days ago 

I want to the invoice format that is being used . Could you please advise?
husain 131 - days ago 
I want to change the invoice format. How to do that?
lynnescofield 129 - days ago 
I appear to have lost all my previous forum posts on my account - do you know why?
Who Is Playing Production 127 - days ago 
I still cant recive any mails
Bezit 127 - days ago 
Can i have a user manual with all the functionality in it so I can see how profitable it can actually be?
Linus Franzén 126 - days ago 
Hi, how do i change language for my applications from English to Swedish? for example, i need to see my contacts in Swedish?. Thanks
my account is inactive if i want to log in why
Guillermo Mendoza 105 - days ago 
Is there a way to send out emails to leads or contacts from different email accounts? I added another email address but it only served to sign in with a different user but it does not allow me to send emails form Zoho with that email address or change it in the From window.
Thank you,
JR Almazan 92 - days ago 
Hi, Is there a way to Forward my emails? I cant find that.
info 86 - days ago 
RE: Add signature or edit signature. I see several other people are posting questions here so I'll post the reply I finally found. Home/Setup/MyInformation (under Customize). At the top is the Signature tab.
Shiraq Kochi 83 - days ago 
Hello, I have set up a new email with my domain. I am able to send emails. However I am still not able to receive any emails from other email ids. Kindly advise how can i fix this?
Adam Houston 80 - days ago 
I have an info@ email address which is registered with zoho but I cant access it nor confirm it nor get it into my zoho mailbox. but when i go to emails it is my primary email address. How do I add this email to my zoho mailbox and start using it??
Julius (Guest) 70 - days ago 
Hello, Kindly assist me I ahve being trying to create an account but I kept receiving error message " server error accured try after sometime" for days.

Please kindly advice me on what to do.
Please contact me through this email
yukeen90 69 - days ago 
How do I downgrade my site which prevent me from closing account??
Karen Colon-Rodriguez 67 - days ago 
so i can send out an email from ZOHO but i cannot send an email to my ZOHO acct. When i send out from my yahoo account it sends me back a maeler not sent. What do i have to do?
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